About Joe Iadanza

“Music is the way I process the world. It’s how I process the emotions that I feel – the happenings, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and the love and the sorrows and the pain – I take that and channel all of that emotion into music and song.”
Born of Italian immigrants and union activists, Joe Iadanza understands the passionate struggle of the American dream. With a voice that recalls Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin, and songs that hearken to the impassioned storytelling of Springsteen and Leonard Cohen, this Long Island native’s music is rooted in classic folk: honest and raw.
“The voices of the people I meet imbue my songs with a sense of connection and spiritual intimacy, and along with music from my first two albums, enable me to craft a live performance that takes listeners on a journey; really touching them and helping them relate with where they’re at in their own lives.
Joe’s return to the road in 2019 is marked by the July release of his third studio album, Common Man. With words and music by Iadanza, Common Man is a folk-rock love letter about trust, starting over, and charting new relationships. Filled with deeply personal stories, rich symbolism, anthemic hooks, and a classic production vibe, this beautiful sounding record is a leap forward for Iadanza in terms of songwriting, delivery, and production.
Common Man brings Joe Iadanza’s beloved 1970s storytelling style into the twenty-first century, respectfully nodding its head to artists like Cat Stevens, CSNY, and Bruce Springsteen, while confidently owning its own voice; a voice that has truly found something to say.
Joe is currently promoting shows in three formats: Solo acoustic, or with His Beautiful Band, or as a duo-split bill shows, including with frequent touring partner Carolann Solebello. Scroll down for more information about these configurations.

Joe Iadanza: Solo Acoustic

Joe’s solo-acoustic performances are intimate, story-filled, affairs that serve as a sincere conversation between performer and audience. It’s a time to get really close and personal with the Joe, his music, and the motivations behind the songs. Over the course of the night, you’ll be taken on an emotional journey as the songs touch you personally and resonate with your own life.
Joe Iadanza and His Beautiful Band

Joe Iadanza and His Beautiful Band

Joe Iadanza and His Beautiful Band brings the full sonic and energetic potential of Joe’s music to life. As a band-leader, Joe is joined by drummer Jagoda, bassist Craig Akin, Keyboardist Paul Silverman, and vocalist Sophie Buskin, as he pushes the band to reveal all of their individual personalities and talents through setlists that take you on a trip both into the world and into your own hearts.
Joe Iadanza and Carolann Solebello

Joe Iadanza and Carolann Solebello

Kindred spirits and longtime friends Carolann Solebello and Joe Iadanza are perhaps the yin and yang of performing songwriters. Solebello’s smooth, warm voice and precise rhythm guitar perfectly dovetail Iadanza’s raw, honest vocals and graceful six-string virtuosity. Smart songwriting chops and emotional eloquence possessed by both blur the lines between tough and tender, masculine and feminine, Americana and folk. These shows are completely integrated, with Joe and Carolann playing and singing on each others songs, and telling stories together throughout the concert.








“Just like a thunderbolt from the 70’s…and a classic folk extravaganza” – ComeHereFloyd.com
“Common Man plays like a deeply intimate conversation with an old friend. It is hopeful, reflective, personal… an anthem for each one of us who chooses, everyday, in finding the diamonds amidst the stones in the road. This is a project truly made with love.” – Judy Cangialosi
“But for as much as he insists he’s just a common man, the truth is he’s also a very talented songwriter. The appropriately titled Common Man is his first album in over a decade and arguably the best album of his career. Common Man is a sneaky good record and veritable proof that Iadanza’s hiatus away from music might have actually done him some good.” – Gregory Robson
“The songs aren’t pretty, they are beautiful, they are powerful.”
Gordon Nash – Wise Madness
“He is cooking up something folky alright, straight from heart and not polished to make things sound better than they are. And for that we should be thankful because that’s the way it used to be when Neil Diamond made songs that endure to this day. This reminded me a lot of his solo work so you are in very good company.” – mp3hugger.com
“Start quoting the guy’s name alongside Cat Stevens’, Jim Croce’s or John Stewart’s and you’ll do yourself no harm. Above all of this, he’s his very self… He who can write verses of this type of beauty, I guess we may call him a “very big one”, can’t we?” – Dani Heyvaert