Reviving My Monthly Open Stage!

March 8th, 2012

Glenwood Arts Singer StageIt’s time to fulfill a promise I made a couple of years ago after ending my long-running Canvas Magazine open mic…

I’m excited to announce that I’ve found a great space and have partnered with the Glenwood Arts Society to revive the monthly open stage that I used to run with Canvas Magazine.

If you’re local, I hope you can become part of the community. If you’re a touring musician and need a Thurs night filler gig, drop me a note. I’m looking specifically for regional touring artists.

Starting on March 22nd, and scheduled the 4th Thursday of every month at Myachi HQ in Glenwood Landing, NY, I challenge creators of performance art — music, poetry, comedy, and more — to share their gifts with the community. You know how I roll… It’s gonna be fun and I’m excited to share this new space with you all!

Check out additional details at

Location: Myachi Center – 1 Shore Road (See the Warehouse looking space) – Glenwood Landing, NY.
Date/Time: Thursday March 22nd
Sign Up at 7pm
Show Starts – 7:30pm