All In Good Time

February 3rd, 2010

I’m back from mixing the new record with Evan Brubaker in Tacoma, WA. This amazing process is coming to an end! I can’t believe it! It has held surprises at every turn, and I’m grateful that I will soon have the opportunity to share the music with you.

In the meantime… I wanted to leak the title and give you all a sneak-peak at the album art I’d been developing while the mixing was going on! This album couldn’t be more different than “Traveling Salesman”, and the cover art is no exception. Evan visited the NY Museum of Art and Design the week we were here recording on Long Island. The exhibit “Slash – Paper Under the Knife” really moved him and he suggested I check out the work of Daniel Alcalá. His “New Typologies” series really reflects the simplicity and contrast that you will hear in the music. I’m grateful to Daniel and his Agent Gustavo Arróniz of the Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo for their generosity in letting me use his work on the cover and in the packaging. Please check out his work and if you have some time, definitely check out the full exhibit at MAD.

So, here it is! The album is titled “All In Good Time”. The latest incarnation of the album art is below. There may be some tweaks to song order and credits and such, but this is pretty close to where I think it will land (unless, of course, I go bonkers and totally change my mind – lol!). Enjoy!

All In Good Time Cover Mock up - Release 1