NERFA Tricentrics, Folk DJ Showcase, and Joe Joins Trespass Music Roster

October 19th, 2009

So much has been happening over the last few weeks, it’s been hard to process it all. I know that some of it has gotten out in drips and drabs. But, let me just take a moment here to give you all of the latest significant developments.

First, WFUV’s John Platt has nominated me to be part of the Suzi Wollenberg DJ Showcase that kicks off this year’s NERFA conference on Thursday night, Nov. 12. NERFA is the big North East Regional Folk Alliance Conference. It attracts artists and venues from all over and is critical to our growing in the region.

Each Folk-DJ nominates only one artist (and I believe one alternate) to perform. John has been a huge supporter this year and I’m incredibly grateful to him. Please continue to support WFUV and listener-funded stations like it. Folk DJ’s are the singers of our songs and the believers in our dreams, and we couldn’t do this without them.

Next, I was also selected by a panel of judges to perform a NERFA Tricentric Showcase – one of only 30 artists from throughout the U.S. and Canada invited to do so. The NERFA Tricentric alumni-list is filled with some of the best names in Folk, Roots and Americana. It’s a joy and a huge honor to be part of it!

Lastly, I know I told y’all that Michael Kornfeld, PR strategist and the creator of, is now my manager. But, what you don’t know is that Trespass Music, a Massachusetts-based agency headed by Tracey Delfino — which also represents such artists as Danielle Miraglia and Les Sampou — has signed me to its roster and is now helping me to secure more gigs across the Northeast and beyond.

Tracey has been a friend for the last year. I’m so excited to have her as part of my team, and I’m grateful to join a roster that has been growing quickly and getting a lot of attention this past year.