Joe’s Going Rogue… Free Album Downloads Are Here!

August 4th, 2009

Ok. I know what you’re thinking… Especially my musician friends… You’re thinking, “Joe’s gone freaking insane – He’s gone all Crazy Eddie on us!”

Maybe so… But, I’ve been taking some lessons from some of the other bands out there and I gotta tell you – I like what they’ve got going on. So as of today, everyone who signs up for my mailing list will get a completely free 192kbps drm-free mp3 download of my album “Traveling Salesman”.


Because I want everyone to hear it, and I want to connect with lots and lots of folks and find fans and places to meet the fans. I’m bringing the music to you. So spread the word and get your download on. The newsletter is about to heat up. I’ll be slowly releasing solo-demos of all of the songs being considered for my new record for your listening pleasure. And you will only be able to get them through my newsletter.

I’ve tucked email list signup forms all over the place. Even here on my page. Just poke around and you’ll find it. If you’re having trouble, visit and you’ll see it there in the sidebar.

Thanks for listening.

Peace, Love and Music.